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Designing a Room That Grows With Your Kids <h1 itemprop="headline">Designing a Room That Grows With Your Kids</h1>

Children’s tastes change month to month, and while we as parents want to cater to their every whim, when it comes to interior design, let’s be honest, there comes a limit. As your child becomes more and more interested in extracurricular activities, your budget might not allow for a complete bedroom renovation every few years. But that’s not to say that your child can’t have the room they love that reflects their personality and interests year after year. Hunter has several great ceiling fans for kids’ rooms that are both fun and stylish, without losing their appeal.


We’ve put together a few tips to help you plan for kids’ room décor that grows up with them.


First, when it comes to more long-term features like paint, shelving, and lighting fixtures, steer away from an overall theme. Choose more practical pieces that will work in a number of settings. Avoid shelves that your child will quickly outgrow, instead consider shelving that can hold toys and picture books now, but can later be used for textbooks, notebooks, and photos your teen will like to display. Also go easy on bold print wallpaper. It is definitely trending today, and there are some really fun prints, but there’s a chance your child will become bored with it. Instead highlight your child’s interests with a framed print or poster that adds a decorative touch now but can be easily swapped out when your ballerina decides she’s more of a space warrior destined to save the galaxy.


A practical and versatile kids fan that will grow along with your child is the Valda. It provides a subtle pop of color and its bright LED lighting provides optimum light for years to come. The fresh, simple design works well in a child’s nursery and just as easily in a teen’s room. The neutral, dove gray color works in a number of interiors while the indigo blue and blush pink are great choices for a boy’s or girl’s bedroom. It is also made from durable plastic that can withstand anything “accidentally” hitting the fan like a toy taking flight or a sword fight that gets a little out of control. The Valda is a 36-inch ceiling fan that is perfect for smaller spaces like many kids’ rooms and has our SureSpeed® guarantee that delivers high-speed cooling power to keep your kids comfortable and cool throughout the years.

Valda fan in Blush Pink

Another thing to consider is furniture. While your four-year-old may love a racecar bed now, going “vroom-vroom to Dream city” may be a bit awkward for your sixteen-year-old. A more classic design, full-size bed with storage underneath is a versatile choice that will last through their teen years and can even follow them along once they leave the house. Choose quality and versatility over novelty. You can always keep that young driver happy with racecar pillows and a fun comforter that can be easily retired when his interests have moved on down the road.


The Cranbrook is a furniture staple that can work from nursery to teen rooms because of its classic design. It’s soft and playful colors can easily accent nursery décor then transition to a hip feature that complements a teens chic style. The Cranbrook light pendant can also add more light to a diaper changing station that is later switched out for a desk for a college-bound student’s study area.

Cranbrook blush pink ceiling fan with ediso


Staying neutral but adding pops of color also goes a long way for a kid’s room. Choose colors that can work with a number of different accent pieces, like the Dublin ceiling fan. The Dublin kids fan with lights comes in fun colors that can work in a number of spaces. The design is also very minimalistic and modern, so it won’t take away from the room as it transitions from a toddler’s room to a teenager’s bedroom. The Dublin is also made from durable plastic that can withstand a few knocks and bumps. As your child grows into a teen, more sports equipment may come into their room and it only takes one mishandled hockey stick to take out a ceiling fan globe.


dinosaur bedroom with the Dublin


Helping your kid design and decorate their own room can be a great bonding experience. Hopefully these tips can help provide a good base for your child’s imagination to go wild without you needing to completely reinvent their space as they go from a baby to a young adult.